first BlueJ lab
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This is the first BlueJ lab.

It has TWO BlueJ Projects in it. Both are germain to the Chapter 1 in the doc folder. You will follow the chapter first in Shapes and then in Picture.

BUT you need to open these projects, NOT the ones that came with your BlueJ download. Use Project -> Open Project... to find your dev/FirstLab-Shapes folder. Open Shapes there. (and the same is for Picture).

Be sure to

  • FORK this repository to your own account.
  • CLONE your version of the repository into your dev directory.
  • For the first section of the lab, open the BlueJ project file Shapes/project.bluej from Finder.
  • For the second section, use Picture/package.bluej

Object of lab is to follow the chapter reading the doc folder. (and Draw a House!)

Can you draw a house with a tree along side? (think trunk and circle or a tall, skunny triangle.