weekend project to make a simple web app using Typescript/Ionic/Angular.
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A weekend project to make a simple web app using Typescript/Ionic/Angular. Typescript is strongly typed (superset of javascript) language by Microsoft. Learn it well enough to build a simple graphical project using Ionic and Angular.

Work with each other to learn these ideas in groups.

The goal here is to absorb a bunch of new tech, in a short period of time. You can do this by making sure you have something visible (demoable) by the end. If that means you have reduce the amount of features and functionality in the app to keep it demoable, so be it. But, try to make something useful. Be sure to have some kind of User Interface, some business logic and some kind of data storage.

Possible Methodology

  1. Research Typescript/Ionic/Angular (use the latest versions)
    1. What they are, what they do.
    2. Download them and get them installed. (and Cordova? and Node.js? and?)
  2. Download and learn how to use VisualStudioCode
    1. Be aware that VSC has lots of powerful tools to help keep Typescript organized.
    2. Use them to make your components, controllers, services, etc.
  3. Research and get to know Typescript
    1. Skim, scan and familiarize
  4. Research and get to know Ionic/Angular
    1. Skim, scan and familiarize
  5. Choose a personal project to implment from https://git.zipcode.rocks/kristofer/PossibleMiniProjects
    1. Each app probably has a list of things,
    2. And a detail page about each thing.
    3. Adding new ones, editing details, deleting them might be things you could do.
  6. Design a few UI screens for Ionic, keep them pretty basic
    1. no need for an authentication layer, keep it simple
    2. example screens might be, list of items, a item's detail page, a screen to edit stuff about an item...
  7. Figure out what a Service is in Typescript
    1. how do you use it to make REST API calls?
    2. How do you put test data into the UI?
  8. Build the project in chosen
  9. Test
  10. Demoable by Noon on Monday

Some Useful(?) Links