Items to be handled on first day orientation
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First Day Accounts

Items to be handled on first day orientation.

Ooh, ooh, Do this ->

Find the `shell` or `terminal` or `term` (all names for the command interpreter.

`terminal` or `shell` mean pretty much the same thing - `/Applications/Utilities/` and start it up.

Type `whoami` and `enter` or `return`. Congratulations, you just type a command. You're Welcome.


  • BlueJ
  • Atom
  • JDK for Java 8
  • Brew
  • git *

Accounts to be created

Be sure to use professional names when signing up. (BlueHenCoder is okay, SuperHunkyBeachBoy is much less so, eh?)

  • Email...
  • Slack
  • Github
    • BE SURE to add a avatar pic to github account.
    • https://Git.Zipcode.Rocks then use that to login/create account to (the private ZCW Git server).
    • Register for account on GitHub ( We recommend using a username that incorporates your name (jfiksel, mtaub, lrjager)
    • $ git --version and $ git config in the terminal to configure your shell for your new git account.
    • Fill out this form with your Github username
  • Pluralsight *